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A Day in Rapid City, SD: MT. rushmore, the berlin wall, & gender inclusivity

I never expected to find the Berlin Wall, or much evidence of gender inclusivity in South Dakota. I only half-expected to be underwhelmed by four, dead, white guys. All three occurred in Rapid City, South Dakota, which revealed itself to be a veritable gem tucked away in the Midwest. When I was ...
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What is Ethical Travel?

What does ethical travel mean? What can I do to be a more ethical traveler? These are questions that seem to follow the phrase 'ethical travel' almost immediately. Ethical travel can be a bit daunting at first. However, it takes only a little work, and the effort you put into it ...
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Long distance relationship survival tips

Maybe you're in a long distance relationship, maybe you are lucky enough to live in the same city as your significant other. After six years of living near my partner, followed by four years living 1500 miles apart, I have a few tips for going the distance in any relationship ...
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Naomi is…

…a kickass, intersectional feminist who believes that travel is a privilege that can and should be done responsibly. Follow for ethical travel tips and inspiration, so you, too, can be a kickass ethical traveler!  Read More…

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7 Awesome things to do in Las Vegas that aren’t gambling

I'm not a huge drinker, and gambling is not my thing, so when my girlfriends wanted to go on a short trip to Las Vegas, I wasn't terribly excited. What Las Vegas activities are there for those who aren't into drinking, gambling, and strip clubs? Answer: plenty! There are so ...
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Is the Museum of Ice Cream Worth the Wait?

The Museum of Ice Cream is a current rage. It's the brainchild of California native, Maryellis Bunn, an avid ice cream-lover. Each room is her design, and the ice cream offered in various rooms is donated by local Los Angeles creameries. However, if you want access to the LA museum, ...
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36 Hours in Estes Park, Colorado: Moose, Mountains, & Room 217

The trip to Estes Park, Colorado was a last-minute whirlwind. Only two nights and one full day means that the time spent in Colorado was jam-packed with activities. Here are activities, dessert stops, and tips for your visit to Estes Park! MUNCHIN HOUSE Delicious ice cream, perfect for those hot ...
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