About Naomi Navigates

My name is Naomi Wolff. I am a budding eco-warrior and a fierce feminist who believes that travel is a privilege that can and should be done responsibly. My goals are to generate conversation about ethical travel, and to inspire travelers to become more socially responsible.

A Kick-ass Women’s College

St. Catherine University, the largest undergraduate college for women in the U.S., was my dream school. Graduating with degrees in Spanish and sociology, I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved my time as a Katie. It helped me give voice to the feminist I already was, and to find the direction I wanted my life to take. I know, I know. She enters a women’s college, and graduates an angry, hairy, man-hating lesbian. Not entirely true. I shave (when I feel like it), and I don’t hate men. It would be a lie to claim I don’t get angry.

Long Distance Love

My partner and I had been going steady for a decade when we married in September of 2016. Tony’s an actor who moved to Los Angeles to chase that elusive dream, while I stayed in Minnesota to finish my double-major in Spanish and sociology. We spent over four years in a long distance relationship, and it only made our relationship stronger.

Where I’m Going

This fall, I will be moving to Scotland [alone], to study at the University of Glasgow. Tony will remain in L.A., which will escalate our LDR from a two-hour time difference to an eight-hour one. It won’t be easy, but I know we will make it work. I will be studying for my MSc in Human Rights & International Politics (ah yes, expanding my feminist thought), and plan on exploring the UK countryside and beyond in my free time.

Why You Should COme along for the ride

The internet is cluttered with travel blogs. I am not an expert on relationships, love, or travel. I am only beginning to explore what ethical travel means and how to achieve it. What I offer is a perspective, my experiences, and an understanding of how emotionally affecting and difficult it is to live what feels like worlds apart from your partner.

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“Wish we could do more cool shit together.” ~Tony


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