Is the Museum of Ice Cream Worth the Wait?

The Museum of Ice Cream is a current rage. It’s the brainchild of California native, Maryellis Bunn, an avid ice cream-lover. Each room is her design, and the ice cream offered in various rooms is donated by local Los Angeles creameries. However, if you want access to the LA museum, you are going to have to wait until October. Yes, you read that correctly. October. I bought tickets in April for July, and while we were waiting to enter, the ticketer told walk-up patrons that they were sold out until October. Yeesh.

Tickets for adults are $29, and tickets for children and seniors are priced at $18. They don’t allow people to enter who have purchased through a third party; buy through the Museum of Ice Cream website here. Tickets are sold out through October. To get tickets, I signed up for email updates, and the morning I got the email saying tickets were available, I jumped on them.

Tony and I arrived about twenty minutes ahead of our time slot, and so were prompted to hang out on the lawn next to the bubblegum pink building where the Museum of Ice Cream is located. Music floated across the turf, where people were gathered at picnic tables, playing giant Connect Four, and snapping photos. Definitely a clever and fun alternative to the typical lines!

Staging area for those waiting to enter. Bags, giant Connect Four, and hula hoops!

****SPOILER ALERT**** If you want to experience the Museum of Ice Cream for yourself, know there are pictures ahead!

Welcome to the Museum of Ice Cream

Dove chocolates included.

Upon entering, you are offered a Dove chocolate and given the rules of the Museum. The main rule: have fun! Music pulsing, mouth full of sweets, what’s not to love?

Made for Instagram 

The Museum of Ice Cream seems to be designed for Instagram. Bright colors, funky designs, and photo ops. Definitely bring a camera and your patience. There will be other patrons who will commandeer spots far longer than etiquette would typically allow. Go with it, have fun, and use the extra down time as an opportunity to find a spot-less-photographed!

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Quirky rooms, Quirky treats

Each room had a different vibe or theme. Several came with a treat that corresponded with the theme of the room. If you come to the Museum of Ice Cream hoping for tons of ice cream, you might want to eat dinner first. It’s not as much ice cream as you think, and half of the treats are as quirky as the room they come with. They may not be as satisfying as you think!

Melted popsicles, Salvador Dali-style.

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Dramatic. Dark. One of my faves.

The treat that came with the room above was as black as the cones on the wall. A combination of cookie dough and charcoal, it was funky but not so fresh.

Worth the Wait?

I definitely think that it was worth the wait, albeit perhaps a bit over-priced. Tony would say it isn’t worth it, because the museum did not deliver on the ice cream treats he had wanted and expected. It was fun, funky, colorful, and sweet. If you do manage to snag tickets, remember to bring a camera, your patience, and an appetite for unique ice cream creations!

At the corner of Strawberry and Vine.

Would you give the Museum of Ice Cream a go if you could? If you’ve already beEn, what did you thINK?

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  1. Erica

    How have I never heard of this place?! I freaking love ice cream and am in L.A. relatively regularly, so I’m definitely gonna have to check it out. Good tip about booking early and directly through them – super helpful!

    1. Naomi

      I don’t even remember how I heard of it. Maybe something on Facebook? I hope you get a chance to check it out, especially if you are in and out of LA!

  2. countdowntofridayblog

    I have been seeing people post about this recently and wondered what all the fuss was about! It does look really cool inside, and I would like to visit, but I agree the price does seem a bit steep. The cookie dough and charcoal sounds interesting!

  3. Kris

    I’ve seen so many cool pictures of this! There was a little part of me that was tempted to visit LA just to see it, but I came to my senses. All of those wild photo ops are right up my alley though.

  4. Anisa

    When the Museum of Ice Cream was in NY I was able to get tickets but gave up waiting! They seemed unorganized and I wasn’t expecting to wait when I had a timed ticket. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

    1. Naomi

      Yes, it seemed much more organized in LA. We were in the cute staging area for maybe ten minutes, and then headed into the museum about fifteen minutes ahead of our time slot. Not an extra wait at all. I’m sorry to hear it was so unorganized in NY! Bummer!

  5. Ro

    I love ice cream but $29 is pretty steep and I would also expect to be filled to the brim with the best creations around the world for that price. the photos do look fun and quirky though!

  6. carrieemann

    This looks like fun! Is the idea just to walk around and try the treats and take photos? Or is it meant to teach you something about ice cream too?

    1. Naomi

      There are fun facts that the museum workers will share in each room, but it’s really more of an interactive art experience.

  7. Ryan Biddulph

    I’d have to give it a go Naomi. I am an ice cream nut 😉 But seriously; that artwork looks SSSOOOO cool. Inspired. So as I laze around enjoying my Dove bar I’d be digging the scenery too.

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